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Bedroom Pillows

Bedroom Pillows

So the bedroom!  I don’t think I’ve ever really talked about it on the blog before, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s probably the most neglected room in my apartment.  Given that the only thing I had decided about it was that I wanted it to be strictly a place of rest (no TV, no desk) it’s been easy to kind of just forget about it.

Still, I’m not feeling the need to completely makeover the room, but I thought I’d start out small and update the pillows.  The pillows I had before were blue and gray and they just never felt right.  I wanted something more bold.

Bedroom Pillows 2

For some reason, I had put pressure on myself to incorporate more color into the bedroom, and it kind of made my fabric hunting quest stressful because I’m always drawn to black and white designs but I kept telling myself to look for something “different” or try something “new”.  But you know what?  Screw that if it doesn’t feel right.  The gut knows what it wants, and seeing as though no color combo is more soothing to me than black and white, it made sense for me to just go with it.

Tangent- this bed is screaming for a headboard, but he we decided that would be a decision best made with our next home, which will hopefully be our forever home (fingers crossed). Unless of course I come across the most perfect headboard of all time, then I’ll have to make that executive decision, duh!  Point is, we’re not in a rush, but my eyes are open.

Bedroom Pillows 3I LOVE how my little faux red flowers are the one pop of color in this room.  LOVE.  I’m typically not big on faux flowers, but these are just so perfect right where they are.

Bedroom Pillows 4Can you tell which side is mine and which is his?  Even with the small clues, it’s not too difficult to tell, ha!  Next up is replacing his lamp.

Pillow fabric

So I actually made the pillow covers using my no-sew tutorial.  Check that out for all the details and instructions, and if you’re wondering about the fabric sources, I got the striped one from IKEA and the floral one from Marimekko (the CUTEST patterns!)

If the glimpses of my campaign inspired dressers caught your eye, you can find all the details on that makeover here!

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  1. Our bedroom is totally the most neglected room in our house too. We also don’t have a headboard, and were also planning to wait until we bought a house to get one…although now I don’t think I can wait, because who knows when that will be?! I love your new pillows, especially the Marimekko one. SO cute!

    1. Wow we are completely on the same wavelength. “Who knows when that will be” is exactly correct, which is why I’m not committing to either decision entirely :P
      Thanks, Aileen! I’ve been waiting for the right moment to splurge on something Marimekko :D.

  2. Since I’ve not been reading your blog for very long, this is the first time I’ve come across your No-Sew tutorials…and I’ve got to admit, I’m in LOVE with them. I am a total FAIL when it comes to anything creative or DIY – mainly because I’m impatient, and tightly wound. But I’m pretty sure I can cut and glue…at least, I hope I can. :D Now to find some fabric – perhaps a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order.

    1. YES, I was hoping this post might encourage newer readers to check out some of my older projects! The no sew is SO easy and has held up SO good on everything I’ve done with it- it really is for anyone. I know you’ll no-sew something great, Jessica <3

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