06/19 Friday Finds

Friday Finds

Gjusta Bakery flowersAn exciting weekend ahead- I’ll be running my first ever flower crown workshop at a private event and I’m really, REALLY stoked about it.  Should be a lot of fun, and though I’m bummed that I wasn’t able to find a photographer I liked that would be available for it, I’m still going to try and document it as best I can and hopefully share that here later.

Today I’ll be doing all kinds of prep (read: flowers flowers flowers) and then running around in flower crown madness tomorrow.  After that I’ve got a birthday party to go to, then for sure going to see dad on Sunday (got any plans for Father’s Day?)  A weekend of jam-packed fun, I tell ya.

Would you guys be upset if there was no DIY next week? D: I know, there wasn’t one this week either, but the weekends have been extra crammed lately and I’ve been working on a collab that keeps getting delayed agh.  Sorry if it has felt a little thin around here lately, but I’ve got stuff coming!  Later.  Let’s just enjoy looking at some favorite links:


In love with this dining room makeover with my dream dining table.

Hello chic and versatile bag.

Brushing up on real estate lingo because we are house hunting (!!)

I love marble anything.

Probably my favorite clothing rack DIY ever.

Success requires complaining less.

This apartment.  I should really commit to going all black and white already.

Great list of home decor shops.

Need Father’s Day gift tags?  Print these.

Did you enter the giveaway I posted a couple days ago?  There’s still time!



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