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Copper: To DIY, Inspire, and Shop

Copper is a very close second to gold in my world of metallic colors. I’ve even come close to thinking maybe I like it better than gold, though that will never truly happen.  Still, I’ve been really into copper lately and that’s due in part to seeing it trending everywhere these days!  I’ve grouped 5 DIYs, 5 inspiring spaces, and 5 decor items to shop for that made me fall in love with copper even more, and maybe will do the same for you :).

5 Copper DIYs

Copper DIYs

1//Copper Salad Servers  2//Copper Laptop Table  3//Copper Wire Pendant Lights  4//Copper Pipe Pencil Holder  5//Copper Furniture Trim


5 Copper Inspirations

Copper Inspiration

1//Copper and green  2//Copper planters and containers  3//Copper side table  4//Copper ball light pendant  5//Copper, gold, and marble


5 Copper Items to Shop

Copper to Shop

1//Hanging planter  2//Moscow Mule mug  3//Copper cord  4)//Tealight holder  5//Paperclip box

Feeling inspired??  How do you feel about copper?

6 comments on “Copper: To DIY, Inspire, and Shop”

  1. I was shopping for items to make my next woodworking class project, and the copper pipes literally stopped me in my tracks! I stared at them for a full 5 minutes trying to figure out what to DIY with them next. :)

  2. I love copper too, it’s just tough to use it when there are more limited options. I love the pieces you posted here and I never thought to DIY with copper. That really expands your choices. Also, I love that mixing metallics is now a trend, so we can all have the best of both worlds ;)

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