09/08 Inspiring Spaces

Black Houses

Being an apartment dweller I never think much about curb appeal, and while I’m pretty sure our future house is more likely to be white, I fantasize about having a black exterior.  Most of the ones I’ve seen that have made me stop breathing are some sort of cottage cabin farmhouse and the boldness of the black makes them so alluring and modern.  Many take after Danish summer houses, which are timely for this confused seasonal transition where we’re excited for fall but down to take an idyllic look back at summer.  Let’s.




black-winter-cabinMinus this one in the snow, but isn’t it dreamy?


black-home-minimalist-outdoors black-exterior

black-cabinAnyone getting Edward vibes with this one…^






I get that there are practicality factors to consider going so dark, especially with living somewhere like sunny LA, but I still find the idea irresistible.  It’s also one of the few home ideas that O is enthusiastic about and surprisingly made him want to look for one in LA that we could just drive by and admire from afar (there aren’t any according to our limited and short-lived research, makes sense.)

Thoughts?  Are you into it?


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