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Around Town: Chicago

Cloud Gate

So this is what happened.  I brought my camera with me to Chicago and planned on taking it everywhere and capturing the best moments of my trip, but you know how they say that the best indicator of a good time is when you forget to take pictures?  Yea, I must’ve been having a pretty awesome time, because I didn’t take my camera anywhere!  I only took it out on the one day my boyfriend and I went out on a touristy date, which isn’t a bad thing at all, because man are the touristy sites in this city gorgeous.

I spent the first 18 years of my life here (more specifically in the suburbs) and a trip to “the city” was always exciting, and frequent.  Especially in my younger years, I followed my parents all the time to their flower shop in the city.  As I got older, the city became the destination for a lot of my greatest memories, including PROM, ha!  I’m still with the guy that took me ;)

I’ve seen these sights many times, and they will never get old.  The memories do have a hold on me, but even without them, Chicago has charm and beauty that’s unparalleled.  This is most evidently seen in the gorgeous architecture.  To take it all in, we went on an architectural boat tour, and the best part was yup, that it was educational.  Aside from the bipolar weather during the tour that tossed between sunny skies and rain, it was the perfect way to reunite with the city I love.

boats and kayaks By the way, you see those kayakers on the water?  I’ve been kayaking on the river before, and it’s fun for like 15 minutes until you see all the boats whizzing past you and you think yea we should’ve just gone on a boat.  It’s a great workout, though!

On the Chicago River Brunch on the water Talk about a fantastic spot for brunch… Slow down, life!


Carbide and Carbon Building

The Carbide and Carbon Building, according to the tour guide, was inspired in design by a champagne bottle.  Interesting!  Do you think the design was successful?

Sears Tower This is forever the Sears Tower in my book.  I remember feeling devastated when I first heard the news that the name would change to Willis Tower.  No.

Sears Tower buildings  Chicago skyline

Chicago skyline


After the boat tour, we hopped over to Millennium Park.

Head Sculpture Millennium Park

Jay Pritzker Pavillion

Cloud GateThe Cloud Gate.  And bird.

Cloud Gate

Crown Fountain

Millennium Park

I’ll be back soon.  We have family in Chicago, which always warrants a trip at least once a year.

Have you ever been to Chicago before?  It is a must that you visit at least once!

19 comments on “Around Town: Chicago”

  1. I’ve never been to Chicaco or everywhere around the States unfortunately (sigh sigh) but it’s on my wishlist so really hope it will happen soon ^_^
    Lovely pictures anyway :)

    1. And I’VE never been to ITALY! When you do come to the states, make room for a stop in Chicago. I promise you’ll love it!

  2. I forever heart Chicago. I’m from Indianapolis so we traveled to Chicago often. And I’m with you on Sears Tower, never Willis.

  3. My husband and I are heading there for (gasp!) the first time in October! I’d love to hear your recommendations on what we should do, where to eat, and where to stay!

  4. YES!! Chicago is amazing, such a clean and beautiful city! We went a couple years ago and I am dying to go back…pig out on deep dish pizza and admire the architecture!

    1. I’m realllllyyyyy disappointed I didn’t get deep dish this time around, but next time I will. So much food to eat, couldn’t fit it all in one trip!

    1. Thanks, girl! Parts of the airport are sights in and of themselves, too :P You need to make it out of the airport next time!!

  5. Beautiful pictures! Chicago is one city I have yet to visit but it’s definitely on my list! These photos just make me want to go that much more :)

  6. Love these pictures, Amy! I am now totally picturing your youthful city excursions being EXACTLY like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, complete with an epic parade. I’ve never been to Chicago, unfortunately, I’d love to see it! Also, that is too sweet that you and your man have been together since high school! I die.

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